You have a business that’s moving right along, but you’re starting to max out the hours you have in a day. You love what you do, but you feel stretched. Tapped out. Overworked. Time has officially become more valuable than money, but you don’t even know where to get started.

I feel your pain. Running a business is no joke and you need someone at your side who can support you and help you offload tasks right where you’re at. I’m here to come right alongside you and make jumpstarting your team a seamless process. If this is you, keep reading! I have some services below that you will want to check out.

Business Management

You’re ready to start offloading tasks (or maybe you need a Delegation Download*) and take back your time.

Tasks I can help with include:

  • Inbox Management
  • Website Management + SEO (Squarespace or WordPress)
  • Scheduling and Calendar Management
  • Booking travel
  • Social Media Management
  • Blog Content and Management

 *Delegation Download: If you’re not sure what you’d hand off to your business sidekick, we’ll jump on the phone for 30 minutes where you’ll talk me through your workweek. I’ll take notes and provide you with a list via email of tasks I can take over for you.

Podcast Management

You’re ready to start a podcast (or you already have one rocking and rolling) and you need someone to help with management. I’ve got your back (and have already worked on podcasts like the Creative Empire Podcast and the Self Made Babe Podcast).

Tasks I can help with include:

  • Managing and scheduling potential podcast guests
  • Collecting bios, headshots, and other interview preperation from booked guests
  • Editing podcast audio
  • Crafting, formatting, and uploading show notes
  • Embedding audio files in blog posts (and/or uploading to SoundCloud, Squarespace, or your podcast host platform)
  • Emailing podcast guests with collateral and social content to share

Creative Market Shop Management

[Service currently in beta]

It’s time to start delegating and taking charge of your life again.